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“The Gift-A Collection of Short Stories and Poems” is a compilation of thought-provoking poems and animated stories written by Benton Harbor native, Lisa Eddie-Rimpson.  If you haven’t seen this talented chameleon around your town performing her signature monologues, “Motherless Child” or “A Southern Woman Celebrating Life”, then perhaps you’ve sat through her stage play, “The Devil Touched Me Twice”. If not, shame on your! You’re just in time to enjoy “The Gift” in its entirety. 

Inside, you’ll find a variety of delightful pieces. Her poems, “The Writer’s Eye” offers a bitter taste of urban reality, while “Chocolate Shakes” takes you back down memory lane to your very first crush.  Hold on to your religion.  “Single, Saved and Seduced” will make you run to the alter after reading this confession.  Your heart will flutter and you’ll thank the author for reminding you that love can be as smooth and timeless as the melodic tunes rendered by, “Mr. Piano Man”.  “The Gift” is a refreshing, colorful work of art; appealing to all ages alike.  Order your very own copy today!


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